Transport Fleet

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Combined strength for your goods

We have a fleet of over 130 vehicles, mainly consisting of truck-trailers with or
without trailers, and tractor-trailers and road tankers specially equipped to transport
bitumen. Most of our trucks are equipped with tail-lift and double-decker
loading technology, which enables us to handle your goods with the respect it
deserves. Not only that, the technology we use is also environmentally friendly
and enables larger capacities to be loaded faster.

The vehicles in our fleet are just 2.5 years old on average and we make sure it
stays this way by buying new state-of-the-art vehicles on a regular basis. All of
our vehicles are low in emissions and meet the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally
Friendly Vehicle) standard along with the latest EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards.




Our drivers receive excellent training and are experts when it comes to handling
loads. They are also obliged to attend special driver safety and fuel economy
training courses.


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