For us, quality is a value that we guarantee.


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We supply top quality to ensure your satisfaction

For us, quality is a value that we guarantee. You can see and feel the quality in
the services we provide, and of course in the success you achieve as a result.
Our quality management processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified, meaning that
we ensure top quality across the board and can guarantee that your goods reach
their destination intact and on time.


Here at TRANSKONA, quality in logistics is based on knowledge of your goods while
always being on hand to serve your needs. And that’s why our vehicles are fitted
with satellite-based communications systems. As a result, our drivers and scheduling
team can remain in contact with one another online so we always know where
your goods are. Our vehicles have the latest technology on board and always meet
our own strict hygiene requirements. We also have our own workshop where our
vehicles are maintained and serviced according to our strict service intervals.

At TRANSKONA , quality means

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Long-standing partnerships
  • Skilled employees
  • Process and resource optimisation
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology
  • Environmental management
  • Loading safety and security
  • On-time delivery and flexibility
  • Careful goods handling