Swift international goods logistics based on your needs


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Bespoke solutions guarantee your success

As one of the largest logistics providers in the tri-border area where Switzerland,
Germany and Austria meet, we can offer our customers bespoke logistics solutions
anywhere in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you need door-to-door transport, partial
load logistics, or distribution hubs, our top-quality services span the entire value
chain from scheduling through to delivery. We currently distribute some 2,500 tonnes
of goods around Europe every day and use state-of-the-art technology to monitor all
goods and make sure they reach their destination intact to give you peace of mind.


Innovative by tradition

Our good name and reputation guarantee our quality concept. Based on experience
from two companies, we have continued to expand our fleet, technical services,
storage capacity, and of course the number of employees. In 2002, Kobras Transporte
(established in 1961 as a small transport business) and Natter Transporte
(established in 1991) merged to form TRANSKONA Logistik GmbH, a highly efficient
company with vast potential for growth.


Driving long-term efficiency

Our headquarters in Dornbirn, Austria, and sorting centres in Dornbirn (Austria) and
Venlo (Netherlands), cover a total area of 11,000 m2 while our other goods depots
offer 5,000 m2. We currently have 145 employees and over 130 vehicles, meaning
that we’re extremely versatile, even during peak times. We intend to maintain this
efficiency and versatility in the future, but are not prepared to compromise it at the
expense of top-quality logistics solutions. We prefer to deliver quality rather than



Latest technology


Transkona is driving throughout Europe and has every vehicle under control with the most advanced locating technology from Stöckom.